The Team At Signplicity


Simon Wolf

Owner | Founder

Known at Signplicity as "Hurricane"

Interests: Snowmobiling, Skiing, Snowboarding, Fly Fishing, Spending time with my awesome wife and kids, Watching Michigan State Football and Basketball, Rooting for the Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs.

Kevin Vann

Director of Business Development

Known at Signplicity as "KVann"

Interests: Include Spending time with my family, building brands and launching businesses, running, boating and the beach, (anything that gets me into the water!) motorcycling and being outside!

Kailtin Salmela

Graphic Designer | Production

Known at Signplicity as "The Yooper"

Interests: Rock collecting, Jigsaw puzzles, watching Quentin Tarantino movies, DIY Crafts, listening to punk rock and metal, reading comic books and drawing.

Sarah Wolf

Office Manager

Known at Signplicity as " Part Timer"

Interests: Before kids - Going out to movies, Beach days, Biking, Shopping, Staying out past 11pm. After Kids - Attempts made to stay awake for a movie, Sandy beach days, Biking to get ice cream, Shopping by myself, Getting to bed before 11pm, Scrapbooking...My cute kids of course!!!

Sarah Rutkowski

Project Coordinator

Carl Krumri

Commercial Sign Production Manager

Known at Signplicity as "Print Guy"

Interests: Spending time with family, kids and grandkids, watching nascar, watching sports.

Lydia Zenner

Customer Service

Known at Signplicity as "Lippy Lydia"

Interests: Working with animals (Grooming, Adopting out and Obedience), Working as a Birth Doula, Horseback Riding, Reading, Hobby Farming, Hanging out with friends, family and enjoying life with all that it has to offer.

Josh Meno

Sign Production & Installation