Custom Signs

Custom signs increase sales

We take pride in creating custom sign structures that are unique and eye-catching. When you have a sign that is appealing to the eye, you will attract more customers. Many times those customers will spend up to 58% more time browsing, due to the direct correlation of your sign. We try to give each custom sign its own personality, one that reflects the nature of it’s business. Studies have shown that 78% of consumers specifically purchased an item due to signage. That’s huge! That being said, around 41% of shoppers didn’t enter stores based on their lack of signage. So, you can see how these signs can affect your sales.

The cost of a custom sign VS sales

When you hire Signplicity to create a custom sign for your business, you will increase the amount of exposer. This will, in turn, increase your monthly income! Many times the sign will pay for itself within a year. This allows for less paid marketing. Who doesn’t want that?!