Donor Walls

Donor Walls

Donor walls are a very important piece to many of our customers, buildings, campaigns and fundraising efforts. We have implemented a large number of donor walls for hospitals, universities, private schools and churches. In doing so, we have found that working on donor walls is a niche of ours.

Why a wall? 

  • Signplicity is very proud of the work we have accomplished and has had nothing but good vibes from our customers.
  • Allows you to recognize your donors in a way that will draw people in for a closer look. 
  • Highlights your story, history, art and mission in a artistic and compelling way.
  • Changing the photos as often as you wish will captivate and delight viewers. 
  • Rotating quotes from your donors on why they have given, creates emotion within the display. 
  • Brings attention to your hardworking trustees, volunteers and staff.

Our Process

One of our Salesmen will meet with you to discuss what you would like to accomplish. Our goal is to create a recognition system that stands as a testimony to your donors, as well as a marketing tool to showcase involvement.
Once we have measurements, fonts, sizes and a general idea, our designer will then create a custom designed system specific to your needs. You will receive a proof of your display along with a quotation.
 Our Team will be in constant contact with you ensuring your vision comes to life. 
This entire process is free of charge or obligation.
Once you are satisfied with your design and ready to move forward, you simply sign off on your quotation and fax it, email or send it to our office. You will receive a sales acknowledgement letting you know that we have received your order. Once you approve the proofs, we will proceed into the production phase of your display. Our Design department will contact you during the proofing and production phases with any questions that may occur.

It’s just that simple! Call, meet, pick up!