How Can Wayfinding Signs Help Me?

What is Wayfinding?

Wayfinding signs are informational sign systems, designed to create ease in finding a specific destination. Have you ever been in a mall, airport, hospital, or educational campus? Maybe on an express way? Have you noticed signs to help you navigate your way in an efficient manner?

Exterior Wayfinding
Medical Wayfinding Helps Traffic Flow

Do we need Wayfinding signs?

These signs or symbols are necessary when in public. Populated environments need them to enhance the security, safety and sense of well-being. When we are on time and comfortable in our surroundings, we don’t see these signs. We see them when things are stressful. When we are late, or lost. We use them to help us find our flight, locate a building or navigate large facilities.

People rely on visual cues for navigation. Also to help them create a mental map of their surroundings to simplify their daily lives. It is imperative as sign companies, we are in compliance with ADA standards for these reasons among many others.

While traveling have you ever noticed signs for restaurants, parks, hotels or any other destination? Signs are everywhere helping you make the most of your time.  Our signs will also bring customers to your business.

Your business will benefit no matter what the size. Even if you are renting a space, wayfinding signs will help your customer find you!

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